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Trio & Co.

Phil Firetog

Vocals | Guitar | Keys
Gear Used

◦ Furch G22TSR-C
◦ Taylor 314ce
◦ Martin D-X2E 12 String
◦ Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
◦ Fender Road Worn 50’s Telecaster

◦ Roland AC-33
◦ Vox AC30
◦ Marshall JVM210c
◦ Shure Beta 58a

◦ Dunlop Picks .88mm
◦ String Joy Strings .13 Gauge
◦ Thalia Capos
◦ Fishman Blender
◦ Shure PSM200

◦ TC Electronic Corona Chorus
◦ TC Electronic Nova Delay
◦ Ibanez TS808 Original Tube Screamer
◦ Digitech Whammy 5
◦ Strymon Blue Sky
◦ Pigtronix Envelope Phaser EP2
◦ Dunlop CRY BABY® 95Q WAH
◦ Caroline Kilobyte
◦ Ernie Ball VP Junior 250K
◦ Joyo PXL-8

Liam Gordon

Gear Used

◦ Carvin LB 6 String Custom Fretted
◦ Carvin LB 6 String Custom Fretless
◦ Levy Guitar Straps
◦ Boss Pedals
◦ Dunlop Picks
◦ Dunlop Strap Locks
◦ Mono Case
◦ Marc Bass Amp & Cab
◦ Romanian Upright Bass
◦ Shen willow Upright Bass
◦ Thomastik Spirocore Strings
◦ Belcantos Bass Strings
◦ The Realist Pickup
◦ Carlsons Swedish Bass Rosin
◦ Monster Cables
◦ Winfield Thomas Violin
◦ Winfield Thomas Viola
◦ Winfield Thomas Cello

Johnny “Pots” Potocnik

Gear Used

◦ Mapex Drums & Hardware
◦ SABIAN Cymbals
◦ Vic Firth Sticks & Brushes
◦ Remo Drum Heads
◦ Snare Weight Drum Accessories
◦ Roland (Electronic Drums)
◦ Shure PSM200

Gabriel Nekrutman

Flute | Clarinet | Sax
Gear Used

◦ Bb Clarinet Buffet R13
◦ Alto Saxophone
◦ Gemainhardt Flute
◦ Shure beta 94

Tye Granger

Sax | Trumpet | Flute | Violin
Gear Used

Tenor Saxophone – P.
Mauriat Custom Class Le Bravo 200
Size 3 Vandoren Jazz Black Box Reeds
Soprano Saxophone – P.
Mauriat Custom Class System 76 2nd Edition
Size 3 D’addario Reserve Reeds
Trumpet – Classical Trumpet
Bach 3C mouthpiece

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